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PILMA - (9/28/2015)

Pharmaceutical Industry Labor-Management Association has united the biopharmaceutical industry and union workers with dual goals of fostering innovation of life-saving cures and securing high quality union construction jobs. Labor and industry recognize the strength in their partnership: strong industry naturally leads to good jobs and a vibrant economy.

The Pharmaceutical Industry Labor-Management recognizes that the most highly skilled workers are needed to construct and maintain the highest quality research and manufacturing facilities. This requires highly skilled reliable labor that the industry can depend on to do the job right.  The building trades are ready to meet those needs with state of the art training facilities all over the country and with upwards of $1 billion towards training their members each year.

Largely, companies of the Pharmaceutical Industry Labor-Management Association recognize that a strong domestic pharmaceutical industry providing innovative, affordable medicines is vital to the American people and working with unions will get the job done. 


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