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Rally to support the Brockton Power Plant - (1/1/2009)

Brockton Clean Energy is a unique opportunity for the city of Brockton to break the de-development cycle. Commitment to a strong power grid is an important incentive for heavy industry and high-technology businesses that need a reliable connection to relocate close to the new power source. For the city, the facility will be a new revenue source, the biggest investment in Brockton’s history and the city’s largest taxpayer. For the people of Brockton, it means 300 construction jobs for two years from today when the Big Dig is finished and new housing construction is at its lowest level in a generation. Once online, the facility will employ 20 technicians and its operating budget will pay for service and supply contracts, much of which will be fulfilled locally. Brockton Clean Energy is an opportunity for growth.

Why it’s important to Local 51 and the Building Trades:
-Over the next two years, 300 local construction workers will be hired to build the facility. The total payroll will exceed $50 million, or $25 million in local construction salaries each year.

Why it’s important to the City of Brockton:
- Its construction is key to meeting the region's future energy needs.
Energy regulators predict those needs to grow 1.7 percent a year over the next 10 years.

-Funds of $2 million have been earmarked to improve the Brockton community. That money would go towards lowering emissions and conserving energy.

- The new plant would replace older, "dirty" power plants that produce greenhouse gases.

-The Plant will create 20 to 25 permanent long-term jobs to maintain and help run the plant.

- Construction of the plant will make it the city's largest taxpayer, paying more than $1 million a year in taxes.

On January 20th Local 51 is leading a rally for all building trades in front of Brockton City Hall. Please come show Brockton City Council how important the construction of the Power Plant is – Not only to the Building Trades, but also for the people and taxpayers of Brockton!

For more information about the rally please contact:
Local 51 Business Agent Bill Demello

For more info on the Power Plant please go to: www.brocktoncleanenergy.com

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