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Why Are Projects Built Union in Rhode Island? - (5/15/2013)

In Rhode Island and surrounding areas most commercial and residential construction projects of any significance are built primarily with union workers and contractors, with many of these projects using them exclusively .

So why is that?

It is due to an unmatched commitment to training that includes state approved training programs for all its crafts, licensed and unlicensed; training requirements that exceed state law requirements for licensed trades; and a $1.5 million investment in training—every year. In fact, there is no other entity that has comparable programs or such a financial investment. For example, the only other state registered training program does not train all crafts and has invested less than $100,000 to date in total. This difference can be seen in the results; our jobs are completed safely and efficiently.

Our union craft workers are able to move seamlessly from job to job and contractor to contractor without any loss of benefits or training. And when necessary, our unions will access their regional and national networks to insure that our contractors have the required number of skilled workers needed to complete their jobs on time.

Our resume of projects certainly demonstrates that our unmatched commitment to training along with our instantaneous access to a reliable pool of skilled labor enables our contractors to complete their jobs safely, timely, and within budget. Any question of our value and impact should be erased by the fact that two independent committees recently determined that utilizing union contractors and workers, and in particular PLAs, were in the best interests of their two separate projects, the Kent County Courthouse and the Wyatt Detention Center expansion. Lastly, it is worth noting that despite the fact that political considerations ultimately nullified the decision relative to the Kent County Courthouse, the project ultimately utilized union contractors exclusively.

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