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Plumbers & Pipefitters Local No. 51 Scholarship Fund - (1/27/2010)

Plumbers & Pipefitters Local No. 51 Scholarship Fund


To be eligible, the student must be:
•    A dependent of an active Journeyman, who is contributing to the Scholarship Fund.
•    Enrolled in a degree or certificate producing undergraduate program
•    A full time student, a minimum of four courses per semester plus passing grades
                      (12 credits minimum per semester).

•    A dependent listed on his/her parents Health & Welfare.
To be awarded a scholarship you must:
•    Appear at the Union Hall, in person to receive a numbered application or request that one be mailed to you.  Either the student or parent may appear to sign for the application.  Applications are available anytime between 8:00 – 4:30 weekdays.

•    The completed application must be returned, in person to the Union Hall no later than June 30th.  If mailed, please call to confirm the Union has received application.
•    Submit tuition statements for the Fall and Spring Semesters.  Highlight actual tuition fees only on the tuition statement. The Scholarship covers tuition only…no book or dorm fees.
•    Submit a copy of your Fall and Spring grades at the same time your application is submitted.
•    Failure to comply on any and all of the above procedures will result in the denial of your
                               OTHER IMPORTANT FACTS

•    The Scholarship will be paid once per year for the full scholastic year (Fall and Spring Semesters) and a check will be issued directly to the applicants in September following the June 30th deadline.
•    The amount of the Scholarship award will be based on a flat fee, with the maximum not to exceed the cost of tuition.
•    The Scholarship recipients must apply yearly by completing an application by June 30th of each year.

•    Amounts of Scholarships will vary from year to year.
•    Maximum amounts of scholarships not to exceed four full scholarships      •    The Scholarship Committee must receive your application no later than June 30th


•    Must complete a Scholarship Application upon completion of the course.
•    Submit with application a receipt of payment or cancelled check for the class, along with a copy of your grades.

•    Not to exceed the amount of four scholarships awarded to dependents.
•    Must not be full time student to be eligible and it must be work related.

For more info or if you have any questions, please contact:

Linda: 401-943-7301 or lmonahan@ualocal51.com



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