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Local 51 Partners with Phoenix House of New England - (8/20/2013)

Phoenix House is the nation's largest nonprofit drug treatment and prevention organization, with more than 150 programs in eleven states and the District of Columbia. The states include Rhode Island, Maine, Massachusetts, New York, New Hampshire, Vermont, California, Florida, Maryland, Texas, Virgina, and the District of Columbia.

Phoenix House offers a wide variety of programs - detoxification, residential treatment, outpatient services, education, prevention, and specialized programs for mothers and children - supported by state contracts and grants from private foundations, corporations and individual donors.

Every day, more than 7000 individuals participate in a range of programs from prevention to outpatient, long-term residential treatment, and recovery support. Phoenix House is committed to protecting and supporting individuals, families, and communities affected by substance abuse and dependency.

If yourself or anyone in your family is in need of a support program you may contact the Phoenix House at 1-800-378-4435 or on their website at www.phoenixhouse.org for a comprehensive list of their programs.

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