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Local 51 Endorses Gina Riamondo for Governor - (1/23/2014)


Timothy L. Byrne

Local 51 Plumbers and Pipefitters

401-943-3033 (office)

401-529-3772 (cell)



January 10, 2014




East Providence, RI – The United Association of Plumbers, Pipefitters and Refrigeration Service Technicians today have announced their endorsement and support for Gina Raimondo as the next Governor of Rhode Island. 

After an extensive hearing process the Political EndorsementCommittee of Local 51 Plumbers and Pipefitters decided that Raimondo shared common ground with the Union and its members in a variety of issues such as job growth, wage and trade license enforcement, as well as pension reform. 

“The committee felt a sincere connection with Gina concerning her ideas on economic development”, said Business Manager Tim Byrne.  “Our members have had to make some difficult decisions regarding their own pensions, similar to those sponsored by the state Pension ReformAct, so they can appreciate and understand her position” said Byrne.

Local 51 of the United Association is a private sector Union representing more than 1150 plumbers, pipefitters, welders, refrigeration service technicians and apprentices in Rhode Island.


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For more information please contact Timothy Byrne at Local 51 Plumbers and Pipefitters, 11 Hemingway Dr., East Providence, RI, 02878.

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