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Ironworkers Local 37 Endorses Gina Riamondo for Governor - (3/3/2014)

Providence-The Ironworkers Local 37 has endorsed state General Treasurer Gina Riamondo's bid for governor, her campaign has announced.

This marks the second endorsement by a Rhode Island trade union. The first came from the Plumbers and Pipefittes Local 51.

"Rhode Island's economy is a mess right now, and it is really hurting working families," said Roy Coulombe, business manager of Local 37, in a statement released by the Raimondo campaign.

"Our members have the skillls and the drive to contribute to Rhode Island's revitalization, but our state has been lacking a strategic plan to grow our economy in a way that benefits all Rhode Islanders," said Coulombe. "That's why we are so thrilled to be backing Gina for governor. She understands the importance of investing in our crumbling infrastructure, like our bridges and schools, to attract economic development to this state, and she has a proven track record of results."

Echoed Raimondo: "Investing in first-class infrastructure will help us attract the first-class jobs we need to spur economic development."

Raimondo's campaign manager, Eric Hyers, said she is proposing "a road and bridge funding formula that would address the individual needs of our municipalities in the context of a statewide plan to maintain our infrastructure."

He said she would also like the state to "create a dedicated funding stream to bring existing school buildings into the 21st century" and build new ones. The source of the money for theses construction endeavors is not yet fully clear.

It is still early in the campaign year, but Raimondo's labor support so far has come from the building trades unions. Labor endorsements for Providence Mayor Angel Traveras' bid for governor have come so far from the public-employee side: the Rhode Island State Association of Firefighters and the University of Rhode Island's chapter of the American Association of University Professors Political Action Committee.

Both Raimondo and Traveras are seeking the Democratic Party nod to run for governor.

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