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Local 51 Rallies For Gina Riamondo - (10/23/2014)

On Tuesday October 21, 2014, members of Plumbers and Pipefitters Local 51 and members of the different Rhode Island Building Trades rallied in front of the PPAC Building in Providence R.I. before the Rhode Island Gubernatorial debate that was held that evening. A crowd of over 300 union tradesman and tradeswomen participated in the rally. Local 51 would like to thank our members for supporting a candidate who understands what our members have been through in this economic downturn and what needs to be done to get our members back to work. The last thing we need in this state is a Republican Governor whose agenda includes making Rhode Island a "right to work" state. We have all seen what has happened in Wisconson and Michigan when these two states became "right to work " states - the middle class has taken a beating and the prevailing wage has been abolished, thus lowering everyones wages. It is time to elect Gina Riamondo as Governor of the state of Rhode Island to protect our wages and the entire middle class

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