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Local 51 attends the National Certified Pipe Welding Bureau Conference - (5/4/2015)

Local 51 recently attended the NCPWB conference. Pictured above from left are Walter Sperko PE Sperko Engineering, Bob Silva Process Engineers & Constructors (Broad of Trustees), Bob Durr Jr. Durr Mechanical construction (Chairmen Board of Trustees ) and Nick Nikpourfard Executive Director NCPWB. Among some of the topics discussed at the conference, was the continued problems with welder continuity throughout the industry. Another, were the Advancements in welding Technology of which some manufacturers are beginning to use automated Laser welding technology. Lastly, the T-Drill as it relates to stainless steel and copper, now being used as an accepted method of installation in the Microchip and Pharmaceutical Industries. 

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