Local 51 Instructors

For over 100 years, our certified instructors in Rhode Island have been teaching our apprentices and journeymen the skills of pipe working and instrumentation.  The following is a list of our current instructors and their particular skill sets.


Brian Allen
2nd Yr Service Instructor
CFC Universal Certified/ Green Technician Certified/ R-410A Safety Certified
UA Star HVAC Certified. Instructor training program graduate


Al Caron
3rd Yr Pipefitter &  2nd Yr Pipefitter Weld Instructor/ Daytime Weld Instructor
Rigging Instructor/ Crane Signal Instructor/ ATR (Authorized Test Representative) 
Valve Tech Certified / CWI (Certified Weld Inspector)
Instructor training program graduate.

Dave Pine
3rd Year Plumber  


Dave Lavoie
4th & 5th Year  Pipefitter Welding Instructor
ATR (Authorized Test Representative) / CWI (Certified Weld Inspector)
UA Star Pipefitter Certified / Instructor Training Program Graduate


Steve Leo
4th/5th Yr. Welding
First Aid/CPR Trained Instructor  Instructor training program graduate.  CWI certified. 


Mike Raposa
2nd Yr Drafting
5rd Yr Plumber/Med-Gas trainer 

First Aid/CPR Trained Instructor
OSHA 500.  Instructor training program graduate. 


Al Archetto
3rd Yr-HVAC


Bruce Robbins
4th Yr Plumbing
OSHA 500. 
Instructor training program graduate/Foreman training instructor  

Richard Marchetti 
College Coordinator / Instructor


Tony Vacchelli 
2nd  & 3rd year Plumbing Instructor
Medical Gas Installer Certified


Tyler Steiner 
5 Year HVAC Service Instructor
UA Star HVAC Certified / CFC Universal Certified


Jason Zina
1st Year HVAC